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Areas of Expertise

Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy, an art-based therapy, fosters psychological well-being by accessing the healing and transformative power of imagination, play, and the arts.  It offers a playful way of approaching challenging issues with low artistic skills and an attitude of exploration while engaging in various forms of creative expression, which includes painting, sculpting, sound-making, body movement, enactment, and poetry. With the creative power of imagination and the manifesting and transformative power of the arts, the exploration leads to surprising self-discovery, self-acceptance, healing and self-transformation. 

Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy

Focusing-oriented psychotherapy, a body-based talk therapy, offers a very gentle way of working with various psychological issues such as PTSD. This technique enables us to access the innate wisdom that our body carries for gaining insights and understanding on the issues and creating shifts at physiological and psychological levels. 


Yoga offers simple and effective tools to promote and restore both physical and psychological well-beings.  Techniques from Hatha Yoga, Arkaya Yoga and trauma-sensitive yoga are utilized for emotional regulation, physical relaxation, trauma healing and spiritual growth. Arkaya Yoga is a form of therapeutic yoga that is based on traditional Hatha Yoga and Tantra, and includes breathing exercise, simple poses and gentle movement.  It is found to be effective for balancing the autonomic nervous systems, clearing suppressed negative emotions such as anger and grief, and releasing 

psychological trauma.

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