Wings of Imagination

Expressive Arts Therapy

Naoko Sasaki
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
MA in Expressive Arts Therapy
Certified Yoga instructor


Expressive Arts Therapy
Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy

Naoko offers Expressive Arts-based holistic therapeutic counselling services for adults who are seeking support for various psychological issues, which include anxiety, depression and grief.  She also offers guidance and coaching for personal growth through the integration of physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of oneself.


Naoko uses Expressive Arts Therapy, Focusing-oriented Psychotherapy and Yoga techniques to meet unique needs of each client, particularly for those who find verbal communication challenging or limiting.  For the details of each technique, please refer to the page "Areas of Expertise".    

Each session is 60 minute in length with sliding scale fees from $60 to $90/session. 


Contact Naoko

Naoko offers an individual session at her studio that is located in a residential area near Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC. It is 5 minute walk from Commercial-Broadway Skytrain station. For any inquiry, contact her via telephone or using the form below.

1747 E 5th Avenue

Vancouver, BC

Tel: 604-877-2232

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